We are THE company that you choose when only the best will do. 

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What A Wünderful Würld.

Wünder Booth, formerly October 31 Booth, is an Events Photo Booth Rental and Print company based in Ontario, Canada. We are the first in Canada to offer the über fabulous Beauty Mirror Photo Booth, perfect for Weddings, Fashion Shows, Showers and Social Festivities. Our booth comes built-in with a beauty filter for photos that are totally Instagrammable and all that wunderful #Gucci stuff. And have we mentioned games and videos too?
Today, we offer 3 different photo booth options – the Beauty Mirror Booth, the Beast Mirror Booth and the “Papa” Mirror Booth.

About You.

You are our inspiration. Your guests want something to gossip Instagram/Snapchat about. You are someone whose presence at any event warrants a degree of fun and merry-making, and the expectations are pretty high.
You need a status that merits #PartyOfTheYear award and exclaims “Party Mode: ON!”
We know you well, because we were once on your side (and we still are!). We have had our fair share of encounters with other Photo Booth companies that charged an arm and a leg but provided an underwhelming experience and a very unaccommodating and boring assistant.

Our History

It started with Sophie’s 1st birthday. Her mother, Nikki, wanted a Photo Booth at the event, but hiring one would mean at least an extra 800$. Instead of this, she decided to create a booth herself – open-concept and completely DIY. A few handmade props and an instant-printing camera later, she was able to provide the experience at the fraction of the cost. However, although the overall cost was much lower, the average price per person was high. Then the A-Ha moment was birthed and the madness ensues for years thereafter!

The Belano’s Basement

Equivalent to a tech startup’s garage (since Canada is quite cold after all) the first iteration of Wünder Booth’s photo booth was built in Mara’s parents’ basement back in 2014. Thank goodness for both her parents’ Architectural background, Mara and her dad were able to build it with structural integrity. The photo booth back then was made out of wood with a black finish, and was heavy. We then created a second booth with a white finish and came in two parts, to make it more manageable for a one-person crew. (Mara used to huff and puff about how heavy it was but those booths now pale in comparison to how heavy the mirror booths are, which are two or three times heavier!)

The services were provided with the two wooden booths until 2018, when Mara finally decided to invest in a mirror photo booth. Everyone else had the rectangular versions by then, so when the round, beauty mirror photo booths were announced, she ordered one right away. Wünder Booth is one of the first companies in Canada to own and provide one, definitely the first in Ontario and still currently the only one in Windsor. It proved a very wise move forward as the business imploded from there.

By the end of 2018, Wünder Booth invested in a rectangle mirror photo booth as well. At the same time, Mara studied the technology behind the Beauty Mirror booth and ordered the parts. Two months later and with the help of Mr. Rudy, a proudly Made-in-Canada “Papa” Mirror Photo Booth was built in Maidstone, Ontario.

November 2018 marked a milestone for Wünder Booth, for it was then that The Knot Magazine phoned to tell us that we have won the 2019 Best of Weddings Award! For that, we are even more so motivated and inspired to provide extra fun and laughter to all of you awesome people!

Thank you so much, by the way.

Why Us?

We are THE company that you choose when only the best will do. Service that not only thrives on you and your guests’ enjoyment, but also maximizes it through the most current, state-of-the-art technology paired with the assistance of the most friendly booth assistants ever!
Additionally, we are a company that can proudly say we care, not only about you, but also about the environment, animals, gender equality and our local community. We are in the business to (hopefully) provide many employment opportunities for local youth in the long run, as well as contribute to the communities we serve.
Go ahead. Check out our awesome booth options or prop options, and even have a laugh at our “Photo Booth Stars” (just kidding, we won’t post unless you want us to!).
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