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About You.

You are our inspiration. Your guests want something to gossip Instagram/Snapchat about, and your mother-in-law needs a little bit more convincing. You are someone whose presence at any event warrants a degree of fun and merry-making, and the expectations are pretty high. You need a status that exclaims “Party Mode: ON!” but you are also money-smart about your hard-earned dollars.

We know you well, because we were once on your side (and we still are!). We have had our fair share of encounters with other Photo Booth companies that charged an arm and a leg but provided an underwhelming experience and a very unaccommodating and boring assistant.

About Us.

So… Voilà! October 31 Booth was conceived. Fast forward to 2016 after a full year of full operation, we have started adopting the name “Wunder Booth”, as we saw it more fitting to the fun we aim to always provide. Being pretty big ‘nerds’ and total fans of comic books and super heroes, it only made sense!

We are the best solution that satisfies your need for quality, affordability and excitement. Service that not only capitalizes mainly on you and your guests’ enjoyment, but also maximizes it through innovative booth options and the assistance of the most friendly booth assistants ever!

Additionally, we are a company that can proudly say we care, not only about you, but also about the environment, animals, gender equality and our local community. We are in the business to (hopefully) provide many employment opportunities for local youth in the long run, as well as contribute to the communities we serve.

Go ahead. Check out our awesome booth options or prop options, and even have a laugh at our “Photo Booth Stars” (just kidding, we won’t post unless you want us to!).

Our History

It started with Sophie’s 1st birthday. Her mother, Nikki, wanted a Photo Booth at the event, but hiring one would mean at least an extra 800$. Instead of this, she decided to create a booth herself – open-concept and completely DIY. A few handmade props and an instant-printing camera later, she was able to provide the experience at the fraction of the cost. However, although the overall cost was much lower, the average price per person was high (approximately $4 per person, plus the unpaid labour costs to obtain and create the materials). This is why the anticipated number of guests play a big role on our price lists. We absolutely refuse to charge more than $4 per person for any of our rentals, and this is our guarantee to you!


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