Papa Booth

Made In Canada

Exclusively at Rockstar and/or Platinum Room.
Designed and developed by Mara, brought to life by the hard work, time and dedication of Lord Robert Rudy of Maidstone, Ontario.

Made out of oak and stained in black lusciousness. The studs are an aesthetic touch added by Mr. Robert’s creative ideas, perfectly giving it a rustic look, a loyal tribute to where it was built! Equipped with infrared touch technology that makes the mirror interactive!

It is the booth you choose when only the most rustic will do!



2-hour Papa Mirror Booth rentals start at:

Windsor-Essex: 600 | London: 650 | GTA and Niagara: 800
Unlimited Copies | Up to 4 poses | Uber-friendly | Professional Branding | Wünderful Props Selection

Visit our Packages page for more details on Add-on features like our über popular Scrapbook for Guest Photos and Messages that you can keep at the end of your celebrations!


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